Cultured Marble: How to Keep It Clean & Beautiful

Cultured marble is an eye-catching, man-made material that is non-porous, antimicrobial, and waterproof, allowing for a beautiful, unique experience when using your shower. Owning a Micalline cultured marble shower only elevates this experience! Micalline understands that as users, our clients need to know how to properly care for cultured marble in order to maintain that beauty that is so sought after. Here are some tips & tricks to keep your cultured marble shining!

You may use non-abrasive cleaning products on your Micalline Cultured Marble shower such as:

  • Dow Foaming bathroom cleaner
  • Lysol Basin Tub & Tile
  • Clean Shower
  • Greased Lightning
  • Clorox Clean Up
  • Fantastic
  • 409
  • Bon Ami Powder Cleanser


  • DO use a squeegee or soft sponge/cloth to clean your shower walls and pan
  • DO regularly inspect the silicone caulk around your shower for mold, mildew, and/or cracks/gaps
  • DO re-caulk if silicone caulk becomes damaged
  • DO NOT use Comet, Ajax, Soft Scrub, or any other abrasive cleaners like hydrogen peroxide or undiluted bleach
  • DO NOT damage the pan/walls or the silicone caulk that seals your pan and walls together by using harsh cleaning tools (i.e. hard bristle brushes, wire sponges, steel wool, etc.)
cleaning tolls you should/should not use on your cultured marble
Cleaning tools you should and should not use on your cultured marble

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