Engineered Stone Countertops

Experience the unparalleled beauty and functionality of Micalline's countertop surfaces. As the pioneers of Cultured Marble, Micalline has revolutionized the industry with our exceptional line of showers, baths, and vanities. Our signature Micalline Cultured Marble surpasses traditional marble by not only replicating its captivating beauty and characteristics but also by introducing numerous advantages.

The inherent qualities of Micalline Cultured Marble are truly remarkable. Its non-porous composition ensures resistance to mold, mildew, and water, providing a hygienic and long-lasting surface. Cleaning becomes effortless, while its shatter-resistant nature guarantees durability. Whether it's for tubs, showers, vanity tops, or wall cladding, Micalline Cultured Marble offers an ideal solution for enhancing your space.

Our proprietary blend and meticulous molding process result in an extraordinary product, setting your home apart with both functionality and aesthetics. For decades, Micalline has been synonymous with top-quality cultured marble, representing the epitome of excellence. Remember, it's only considered genuine Micalline if it's purchased directly from us.

Elevate your bathroom with the exquisite beauty of Micalline Cultured Marble, which faithfully captures the allure and veining of natural marble. With a glossy appearance and a stunning array of 20 colors to choose from, Micalline adds an elegant touch to any space. Its superior strength, being 15 times stronger than natural marble, ensures a lasting investment that withstands the test of time.

Discover why Micalline Cultured Marble continues to be the preferred choice. Its timeless beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance make it the ideal solution for your countertop needs. Experience the allure of Micalline and embrace a product that continues to redefine the standards of luxury.



White with Dark Grey

White on White

White with Mexican Sand


Black with White

Bone with Mexican Sand


Bone with Riverstone




Pure White



Sandbar no Vein


by Micalline

Heat, stain and scratch resistant surface with timeless beauty!

Kitchen Countertops

Perfect choice for kitchens where stain resistance, scratch resistance, and heat resistance is very important. No need to seal or use a trivet to put hot skillets.

Bathroom vanities

Exudes timeless beauty with no need to seal year after year. Antimicrobial, stain resistant, scratch resistant, waterproof surface.

Decorative Tabletops

Spruce up that table with a beautiful marble look and unparalleled performance that is easy to maintain.

No sealing, no hot pads!

Shower Walls

Elegant look with easy to clean aspects makes Kornerstone an ideal choice. Antimicrobial, non-porous, mold and mildew resistant, stain and scratch resistant walls.


When it comes to bathroom and kitchen countertop surfaces, quartz is an exceptional choice. Unlike other materials, quartz maintains its stunning appearance without the need for sealants or waxes, making it ideal for countertops, showers, and tub decks in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Quartz represents the perfect fusion of the timeless attraction of natural stone and the numerous advantages offered by modern technology. Its durability and resilience make it a preferred option for homeowners seeking a surface that can withstand the demands of daily use.

One of the notable benefits of quartz countertops is their resistance to bacteria, mold, and mildew. This inherent property ensures a hygienic environment in your kitchen, making it well-suited for food preparation. In addition, advancements in technology have introduced an array of vibrant colors and surface finishes that surpass those found in some natural stones, allowing you to achieve a truly customized and visually striking countertop for your bathroom or kitchen.

Upgrade your bathroom and kitchen with Micalline's premium countertop surfaces. Visit our Showroom to explore our extensive collection and discover the perfect surface that combines durability, beauty, and functionality. With Micalline, you can create a space that reflects your style and enhances your everyday living. Trust in our unwavering commitment to quality and experience the difference of Micalline's exquisite countertop surfaces.


Authorized Dealer Of Invisacook

Micalline Is Now An Authorized Dealer Of Invisacook

Invisacook is a revolutionary product that allows you to cook directly on your countertops. With Invisacook, invisible induction burners are placed underneath your countertop surface and only get hot when they are turned on. This allows for extra countertop space when they are not in use.

Seamless Countertop In Your Kitchen

Invisacook Allows For A Seamless Countertop In Your Kitchen Giving A Sleek Look And Providing More Space For Your Family. Invisacook is available for the following non-resin surfaces such as Granite, Marble, Quartzite, and Kornerstone

Control Your Stovetop From Your Phone

With Invisacook, you can connect to your stovetop through Bluetooth on your smartphone. You can start one of the burners, ensure that they are shut off, or start heating before you are going to cook. This extra sense of security is another aspect that makes Invisacook stand out.

Learn More About Invisacook

Visit the Invisacook website at or stop by our showroom to learn more about how you can integrate Invisacook and the seamless multi use counter space into your kitchen!

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