Our Story

Why Micalline

Our Mission

To honor God with our gifts of craftsmanship, by fabricating and installing beautiful surfaces.

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice for premium kitchen and bath surfaces at a reasonable price.

Our Core Values

Craftsmanship, Collaboration, Efficiency, Gratitude, Humility, Innovation, Satisfaction.

Our Commitments

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Our extensive fabrication capabilities allow us to custom create surfaces and our experienced staff are able to control the quality of the install so that our customers are delighted.

History of Innovation

Our founder, Louis Williams, Jr. started Micalline, in 1966. Mr. Williams was a veteran and a dedicated craftsman in the tile industry. When the company began, natural stone was very expensive. Mr. Williams was inspired to innovate a stone product that would eliminate the disadvantages of tile and grout but exude the beauty of natural stone at an affordable price. His pursuit resulted in our proprietary flagship product: Micalline Cultured Marble.

He coined the name Micalline to recognize his two close Army friends who had each lost a child, Michael, and Eileen, as a dedication to them in their memory. Mr. William’s sons: Bruce, Coley, and Ernie Williams, worked with their father until his passing in 2006, then became the owners of Micalline. Eventually the Williams brothers retired in 2019, passing ownership to our current president, Prasanna Elvis Eswara.

Under the leadership of Elvis Eswara, we embarked on a research project code named “Kornerstone” to bring to market a surface that is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. in 2020, we launched two new surfaces: Kornerstone, a heat, stain, scratch, and acid resistant surface, and Williamstone (named after our founder and his family) an engineered marble with a honed finish.

Since our inception, Micalline has been known for our high-quality cultured marble products. Over the years, we have expanded into the fabrication and installation of natural and engineered surfaces. Today, Micalline is a leader not only in cultured marble shower enclosures, bathtubs, and vanities but also in granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, and porcelain surfaces. We are also setting trends with our proprietary Kornerstone and Williamstone surfaces.

We look forward to carrying the family values and craftsmanship our company has become known for in South Carolina, as we bring our community, and the world, new exciting and beautiful innovations.

Our Showroom

We are a humble, grateful, selfless and innovative craftspeople that work collaboratively to achieve the utmost employee and customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Precision Measuring

We use a laser-guided measuring tool with templating software to be precise with our measurements. Our field measurements are key to providing a perfect fit during installation. We have measured and delivered on many complex fabrications and we are ready to help you.

Custom Fabrication

We realize each project is unique and especially those that are the delight of the homeowners. For this reason, we have invested in state of the art fabrication equipment to deliver custom creations. Our seams are almost invisible and we fabricate with quality and durability in mind.


Our installers are very experienced and are well versed with the materials we work with. We co-ordinate with you and your contractors to complete the projects on time. With our own box trucks and tools we are ready to install be it a shower, vanity, tub or counter-top. Our Measuring, Fabrication and Install teams work closely to deliver a quality Micalline product.


The Micalline Difference


All measuring, fabrication, and installation is done in-house by Micalline. If there is ever a problem, we stand behind our work. Micalline uses the latest technology and machinery to complete your job so that you can have a beautiful kitchen and bath at a truly affordable price.

No Surprises

We strive to eliminate all surprises, except for the surprise of the stunning transformation of your new kitchen or bathroom. At Micalline, we are committed to make your dream a reality.

Guided Selection

Our website will help you learn about natural and engineered stone products and you will learn about the ease of caring for your stone and which stone choice is best for your lifestyle. Feel free to ask us any questions. We are happy to help you understand the different offerings in the market so you can choose wisely.

Quality and Value

Through the years Micalline has built a reputation for excellent quality and value in natural and engineered stone products such as granite, marble, and quartz which includes Silestone, Caesarstone, Hanstone and Cambria to name a few.  Micalline cultured marble showers and countertops can be found in homes anywhere from Petersville, VA all the way down to West Palm Beach, FL and as far away as Saudi Arabia.

Our Supply Chain

Our natural stone comes from all over the world; places like Africa, Brazil, India and Italy just to mention a few. Granite comes in A Grade, B Grade, and contractor grade. Be careful in which grade you choose. Micalline does not sell lower grade or commercial stone. Micalline can help you hand-select stones that meet your aesthetic and functional needs.


Micalline is proud to have served families and turned many dreams into realities for over 50 years and still going strong. In an industry where a reliable fabricator or installer is hard to find Micalline continues to deliver. Please call or stop by today to find out why.

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