No Fear of Spills! The Power of Stain Resistant Quartz Countertops

Choosing the ideal material for your countertop is a huge choice. Unlike selecting an end table or a couch, countertops are not quickly replaced if destroyed due to staining or scuffs. That’s why quartz countertops rise above granite or concrete as the stain-resistant countertop product of option. When it concerns stain resistance and sturdiness, quartz ranks at the top of the list. Knowing exactly how you need your countertop to perform and selecting the ideal material will bring you comfort in the future. With its vast array of colors and designs, there’s a quartz countertop for every style aesthetic.

Why are quartz countertops stain-resistant?

Quartz is a stunning and highly adjustable option for your cooking area countertops. In addition, quartz is stained resistant making it perfect for a quick tidy up and low maintenance. No one wants to hang out attempting to scrub their countertops to rid them of stains. Granite countertops are an igneous rock that is dimensionally mined from quarries. It is cut into giant blocks which is then cut into rectangular pieces. It is polished on one side and shipped out for sale. On the other hand, quartz countertops are man-made. The quartz is ground into fine particles prior to being combined with resin and pigment and then bound with intense heat and pressure. Even as the composition of granite includes quartz, the percentage of quartz in granite countertops is much less than in quartz countertops. This is why quartz countertops are more stain-resistant and need less maintenance versus granite. As quartz countertops do not require to be sealed, it implies that liquids won’t permeate into the countertop’s surface making it easy to clean up spills or tinkers simply a wet fabric and a mild soap.

Quartz offers stain-resistant countertops for almost any design

As quartz countertops are man-made, it can be produced in a variety of colors. This variety implies that you can pick from a vast array of choices for your countertops permitting you to tailor them to any design imaginable. The bonus of selecting quartz is that it’s a stain-resistant countertop which implies you can install it with self-confidence. HanStone Quartz offers over 60 colors with beautiful natural surfaces that enhance any design or style. Whether you want the look of extremely refined stone, the texture of granite, or the matte finish of limestone, there is a quartz option to fit your needs.

How quartz countertops support your way of life

In recent times, our lives have become busier than ever. In between taking care of your kids, handling work and social life, and keeping the house in order, there’s not a great deal of leisure time to dedicate to caring for your countertops. With quartz countertops, you won’t need to fear spills implying there’s no reason to freak out if your kids develop a mess as kids often do.

This can become one less stress to you allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere. Stain-resistant countertops make entertaining company simpler also. You can join visitors rather than hang around chasing them around with rollercoasters. Cooking is more pleasurable when you can mince, chop and saute without the concern of a spill ruining your countertops. Quartz countertops are likewise best for high traffic locations beyond the cooking area. Offices, banks, hotels, and restaurants also take advantage of the stain-resistant home of quartz. With lots of people in and out of these areas every day, spills are inevitable, however, the stain resistance that quartz offers will keep these areas looking tidy and well-kept for several years. It can even be set up on walls, reception locations, serving areas, tabletops, and even staircases.

Tips for keeping your quartz countertops looking beautiful

In many cases, cleaning the countertops down with fabric and moderate soap will be the very best way to keep your countertops tidy and beautiful. As with any countertop, you’ll wish to steer clear of heavy abrasives when you’re cleaning. Quartz is extremely resilient, but it’s not scratch evidence. It is scratch-resistant, and it is crucial to know the difference!

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