6 Luxurious Remodeling Projects For Your Home

Luxury has been a hot topic in recent years, and many people move towards wanting to create a home that feels like they're walking into a palace of comfort. But whether you've owned your home for twenty years, or you just recently purchased it: it's never too late or too soon for a remodel!

These are the top projects that will add a kiss of luxury to any property

Countertops that Stun

We all love a gorgeous countertop, yet so many are going for cheap counters dressed up to look like the real thing. But, in true luxury, we don't settle for less than the best. Therefore, your counters need to reflect whatever you want people to think about your home. This could mean looking for gorgeous granite, or seeking out Micalline Kornerstone the most durable of all surfaces from a trusted name in delivering magnificent surfaces.

Or take it further and opt for a counter that’s literally and figuratively always cool. Marble is softer and not heat conductive, so you can use it to make pastries without fear of your butter melting in the dough: and it has such a timelessly beautiful look that it’s become iconic in the last twenty years.

Bathrooms that Feel Like Paradise

When’s the last time your bathroom felt like an oasis that made starting or ending your days easier? If you’re not sure: it’s time for a remodel. Update your bathroom with gorgeous, cultured marble for your showers, baths, and vanities, and consider changing what look the entire room has.

This means reconsidering what type of tiles you use, like incredible groutless Micalline Shower Walls that have the appearance of subway tile without the risks that come with tiles.

Consider a seamless backsplash or an integrated sink and allow your bathroom to feel like it's one endless gorgeous piece carved out of stone. Of course, you should pick colors and finishes that you like: but it's not hard to find incredible looks when working with stone.

Lighting Your Home Like a Gallery

Light encourages us to see our homes in a new view regardless of how long we’ve lived there. Proper lighting will allow your home to look and feel like a gallery, with every piece of furniture and art on display at all times.

You can complete this by mixing natural lighting with built-in lighting and ensuring that the angles you use are what best compliment your home's layout. This could allow for your lights to glimmer on the best interior wood stain you could find and show off the gorgeous art you've gathered on your travels. To keep your energy bill down, consider using smart bulbs and soft LED lights that won't hurt your eyes but will brighten your home.

Gorgeous Garage Renovation

Your garage needs to be both a security feature and something incredible that makes your property feel stylish and luxurious from the moment you arrive home. This could mean lighting it thoroughly so that it feels like it's on display, or even adding a waterproof garage floor so that it lasts as long as possible and looks polished from being rinsed out. Consider how you use it as storage since vertical storage and display storage are quickly becoming popular again.

New Incredible Flooring

Your floors are the part of your home that you experience the most, even if you don't realize it. They carry us from room to room and are expected to last an incredibly long time. Unfortunately, natural hardwood doesn't deliver anything except scuffs and water stains, and carpet stains and flattens out while absorbing any dust or dirt that hits your floors.

Instead of these, consider upgrading to luxury faux hardwood flooring. This gives you the look and feel of natural hardwood while encouraging your property to last and giving you incredible resale value. Faux hardwood offers a variety of options in color, finish, and texture and allows you to create something unique and gorgeous for your home.

Floors that Heat You Up

There are some chilly mornings where the first step out of bed is the hardest. Of course, we want to stay in bed on these mornings and avoid touching the icy floors: but what if your floors were heated? Electric heating systems for homes offer the chance to allow your home to heat fully and feel comfortable from the moment you first wake up. This makes mornings easier and will enable you to use your home without fear of icy floors and frosty toes.

Your Vision of Luxury Should Be Your Home

Although luxury is often thought of as out of reach or things too expensive: you can make it happen for your home with any of these projects. Not only is making your living space into a dream the best way to ensure you're excited to go home: but it's also the best way to make sure your property retains and gains value through the years.

Natalie Akins is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. She is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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