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My Grandma utilized to the state to me “Nothing cheap is excellent and absolutely nothing great is cheap”. This ring true when dealing with the purchase especially on the internet of Granite Work Surface Areas. In fact of all stone so check out carefully.
Natural stone is graded regarding its suitability for a given task. It is also graded regarding the region of the world it originated from. This is a grade for general use however more for stone professionals to advise architects, property surveyors, etc which products to utilize for maximum effectiveness in the building or home.
When buying on the internet you have typically revealed samples of the best, Granite, Marble, Limestone, etc. You must know that this stone is most likely not what you will receive. Firstly, the stone is batched. You require a batched stone to get a consistent pattern throughout the surface. If you were to buy stone today and return for stone a month later to finish your project you will inevitably get an inequality that can look horrendous especially with the larger crystals such as blue pearl granite.
Always ensure you are getting the very same batch and have it itemized on your order. Likewise, if the installer chips a corner or scratches the surface you will generally require a replacement piece. If the batch isn’t available you may have a problem.

Granite surface in Washington DC

I have gotten many calls lately worrying about the fading of black granite countertops. Black granite should not fade. Black granite imported from Asia is often doctored with dyes and oils to darken the surface area. The fading is nothing more than the dyes and oils being removed. Regrettably, the only repair is to re-polish the top. This can be expensive.
Prior to purchasing a granite top perform the following test to learn if it has actually been doctored.
Get a clean white cloth and apply some acetone (nail varnish remover) to the surface area of the granite. If any residue or black color is observed on the top, do decline it, it has actually been dyed.
Take a piece of the “granite” you wish to evaluate and spill a couple of drops of lemon juice onto it. If you see that under the drops of lemon it develops extremely quickly dark spots, it indicates that it’s a very absorbent stone and I would encourage you versus it. If it takes, says, a minute approximately to be absorbed, then you’re dealing with a level of absorbency that’s quickly manageable with the application of a good quality fertilizing sealant.
So, in short, take care where you put your order and always look for professional advice. The void in between an excellent stone and a bad stone is substantial, the rate in between a great stone and a bad stone is smaller sized than you think but can be more expensive.