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To many, their kitchen countertop is a very significant element in their house. And most realtor agree that the greatest way to boost or increase the property value of a building is to renovate the kitchen. The four major aspects of a kitchen remodel usually include changing the main appliances, placing new floors, replacing or re-facing the kitchen cabinets, and putting a new countertop. Let’s concentrate on that last piece– replacing your current kitchen countertop material with a brand-new.

Generally, it involves more than just running off to the shop to select a new countertop for your kitchen. You will initially need to consider how much you would like to invest. You also need to think about how much effort and time you’ll require to spend to take care of your new countertop. Eventually, you’ll want to truly think about the design and appear you want in your kitchen. No matter what kind of countertop you attach, it will be the centerpiece of the whole room.

The very first style of countertop that comes into the mind of every anxious kitchen renovator is marble. Even so, there are many countertop materials to pick from– and marble is one of them. In today times, a kitchen renovating hopeful can choose tile, stone, acrylic, concrete, stainless steel, and laminate, and even wood!


Let’s start with the most preferred: marble. Marble countertops are the most prominent but also the most pricey. Why? In addition to the stunning surface, marble is incredibly heat and scratch immune. A marble countertop is very resilient and will last a long period of time. A marble countertop will never go out of design and marble stone replacement will considerably increase the value of the house. The drawbacks? Other than the expense, granite is a natural stone and it is porous. A sealer will be needed to avoid staining. One solution is to use marble tiles in place of a large slab. The cost savings on the tiles is high. It is essential to not use the marble surface as a cutting board as it will unsharpened the finish (and ruin a knife or more).